Starting an online business has been the dream of many. However, most of the time, a lot of people baffle with the question; Is there any real online business at all in Ghana?. Gone are days when we hear about online business, what comes into mind is “SAKAWA”. Yes internet fraud! I believe you have visited this blog to find out real online business that you can easily start this year 2019.

I decided to share this post today because I realized that almost all blogs and articles online recommend jobs like freelancing, survey taking and
Forex trading as online business but I strongly don’t agree to this. I’m here today to reveal to you Real Online Business that you can leverage- meaning make more money online working less in Ghana in 2019.

A web designer makes money online when he spent money and time working on codes, the moment he stops working, his income also stop.
Forest trading on the other hand is highly risky and once you join you can lose all your hard earned money same day. I don’t consider all these jobs as online business. We are not going to discuss this type of business model here today. An online business is the type of job that you can start and automate almost 90% of the job- working less or no work at all and still making money online. This may seem too sweet to be true though, but hey! make sure you subscribe to this blog to receive daily tips on how to start an online business from home.

Keep reading this post. I’m going to share with you an online businesses that anyone can start today in any country even when you in Ghana. Consider this online business seriously and start putting in action as soon as possible. Interestingly, you can start this business and make money while you are not actively working. Please note that this does not mean that it requires no work. Do not be mistaken! You need to take action to put this business to work. This online business, like any other offline business, takes effort in setting up and marketing it. I will show you more about marketing your online business in the next posts. Once you get this business set up and running, you can enjoy making money online while working less.

I trust that you find this business a success in 2019, good luck and to your online success!

Special note: Some of the links below are my affiliate links where I recommend some useful resources or tools I use. You have no obligation to sign up anything below via my affiliate link if you do not wish, but if you do, I thank you for your appreciation!

Introducing Kindle Direct Publishing Business: Amazon KDP Online Business; Expectations vs Reality.

Kindle Direct Publishing is powered by Amazon. A program instituted by It give the opportunity for anyone to make money online by publishing books (physical and eBooks) on Amazon and Kindle store for worldwide readers to purchase. Unlike traditional publishing, you will need to find local publisher and pay them big sum on money to publish your physical book but with KDP, anyone can just create an online account here and upload Microsoft word file with cover image, and your book(physical and ebook) will be available online for purchase worldwide in minutes. You can make money same day you completed your upload. You only need the right people to market your books to. I will show you how?.

I love KDP program because it’s free to join and Amazon will not charge you any money until someone orders physical book online. Again, Amazon handles all the printing and you only pay a fee. You can control how much money you make online with KDP. You decide the price of your book and your earning potentials will depend much on the type of niche you choose and your expertise in that niche. Make sure you research well on your expertise and choose a niche that is in great demand! Amazon KDP has over 300 million customers, so you have the chance of selling your books than using the local bookstore.

There are three methods to make money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Method 1

With this first method you can see that if you want to make 70% of your book price, then you need to price your book your book between USD$2.99 to USD$9.99. For instance, if your kindle book cost USD$2.99, you make USD$2.00 pure profit on every sales. On the other hand if your Kindle book price is outside this range you make 35% profit of the book price on every sales.

Method 2

The second method is for physical books. Amazon will let you know the printing cost of your physical book, the any price set above the minimum printing cost you make 60% of the price. Let’s say Amazon is charging you USD$2.15 printing cost for your physical books and you charge the physical book price as USD$7.99, hence 60% of (USD$7.99-USD$2.15) is USD$3.50. Which means you make USD$3.50 profit on every sale of your physical book.

Method 3

This method is applicable to you when you optin for their Kindle select Program. When you optin for this Kindle select program you can’t sell your kindle book elsewhere but you earn if Amazon customers borrow your books and read it. Your earnings depends on how many pages Amazon customers read.I like this model.

You can make good money from Amazon KDP program. A lot of publishers are already making it big and you too can make money online with KDP this 2019. Steve Scott is one of them. Steve earns 5 figure a month from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Please note that not everybody can earn 5 figure on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. As in all businesses, it requires effort and persistence to achieve success. i mentioned Steve here on this post to let you know there is a huge earning potentials in KDP. Imagining selling your Kindle book at price of USD$2.99 with profit of USD$2.00 and making 3000 to 6000 sales per day, so there’s really no limit to KDP potential.

Is KDP for beginners?

So far so good KDP is the easiest online business for beginners to start online in 2019. This is because it doesn’t require any investment. You can start today at Zero cost. No upfront fee whatsoever! It does not need any required technical skills to set up a website. No website is needed to start KDP.

Is KDP a passive online business?

KDP is one of the passive online businesses I have ever known. Once you publish your book online, you can leave the rest of the work onto Amazon. There is no need to support your readers, answering questions about your book. No handling of shipment, amazon does everything. However, you need to set up a strong marketing strategy to get your book in front of the right people to buy.

What do you need to be successful in KDP business?

To jump start in this KDP business, there are two things here. You must be a good writer and proofreader. Don’t worry you can also pay someone to write your kindle book for you at a small few. If are hiring writers to write your kindle book for you then you must have some budget to hire writers from HireWriter. Create a free account at HireWriter and ask someone to write your kindle book for you.

How much do you need to start your KDP Business?

Apparently, you don’t need any money to start KDP Business. If you are going to write your own Kindle book, design your book cover then you don’t any money at all to start this online business. You can go to Fiverr and search for ( ‘kindle book cover design’) and you will get a professional kindle book cover designer to design your book cover for your KDP online business. You can get someone at Fiverr to design kindle book cover for you for only USD$5.00.

All you need to start you KDP Business today.

  1. First you need to create KDP account here
  2. To succeed in any online business, you need a mentor, as at time of publishing this post I don’t have any course on KDP business. You can consider Stefan James’s course here  .Stefan James is a popular Kindle Author earns 5 figure from KDP.
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